News for Good is a one-stop platform to support nonprofit news on the issues and places you care about.

Nonprofit newsrooms across the U.S. need your help to provide quality coverage and give more people a voice in public life. With News for Good, you can choose a newsroom dedicated to what you care about and give any amount.

We make it easy to help make the news better. Our vision is for journalism that is inclusive, engaging and provides millions of people with trusted information. Together with you, we are proud to be building a new and inclusive kind of American news media that serves every community.

We do this work at a time of tectonic shifts because a healthy democracy demands it.

You can trust these nonprofit news organizations because they are professionally vetted by the Institute for Nonprofit News.

Every nonprofit newsroom on News for Good abides by the highest ethical standards of journalism.

Nonprofit newsrooms are filled with journalists that have been recognized with Pulitzers, Emmys, and laurels from the Society of Professional Journalists as well as student and community reporters with deep roots in the communities where they work.

Each organization is a member of the Institute of Nonprofit News and has taken a pledge to be transparent about their donors. The news organizations here have no hidden motivation other than public service. That’s our standard.

News for Good FAQ

How can I find out more about the Institute for Nonprofit News?

Learn more about INN, our members and programs on our website,

Are News for Good donations tax-deductible?


Will I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation from GiveGab, the online giving platform powering News for Good. Many nonprofit newsrooms will also acknowledge your generous gift directly.

How much of my donation goes to the nonprofit?

You may choose to cover the fees and send 100% of your gift to the organization(s) you choose to support. If you opt not to cover the fees, GiveGab will retain 2%. Credit card processing fees are an additional 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction. Donations cannot be refunded.

Who will my contact information be shared with?

The organization(s) you choose to support will receive your name and email address and may notify you about future activities. The Institute for Nonprofit News may also send very occasional emails about News for Good.

May I make an anonymous donation?

By naming your gift, you help to advance trust and transparency in news. If you wish, you may opt to have your gift appear anonymously on News for Good, but the organizations you choose to support will receive your name and email address and have individual policies for naming their donors.

What if my preferred nonprofit news organization is not listed?

If you want to support a nonprofit newsroom that is not on News for Good, please invite them to learn more about INN membership at